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Heart of a Pirate

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Heart of a Pirate
A Novel of Anne Bonny

By Pamela Johnson

Jamaica, October, 1720. The pirate ship of Calico Jack Rackham is captured off the western coast of Jamaica. While most of the crew is too drunk to defend against the onslaught of the King's navy, two of the crewmembers stand to fight against overwhelming odds. When finally forced to surrender, the commander of the governor's ship is amazed to discover that the two who defend are women disguised as men—Anne Bonny and Mary Read.

Based on the true story of the legendary Anne Bonny, Heart of a Pirate. Read More

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Coming Soon

A Nation of Mystics

by Pamela Johnson

Based on extensive research, A Nation of Mystics traces the lives of several members of the youth culture of the Sixties who travel from cities across the United States to San Francisco's Haight Street and Berkeley's Telegraph Avenue.

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