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A Nation of Mystics: Book 1October 6, 2015
A Nation of Mystics

Book One: Intentions

By Pamela Johnson

In A Nation of Mystics, author Pamela Johnson explores the youth subculture in San Francisco and Berkeley in the mid-1960s, with all its initial goodwill and naiveté—its dedication to free speech, passion to end war, commitment to racial equality, new art and music, and the exploration of spirituality based on mind-expanding hallucinogens.

A Nation of Mystics: Book 2 February 1, 2016
A Nation of Mystics

Book Two: The Tribe

By Pamela Johnson

In Book Two of A Nation of Mystics, author Pamela Johnson resumes her skillful exploration of the late-1960s and the counterculture through the eyes of a communal family, following the strengthening relationships of the tribe as its members search for enlightenment through mind-expanding hallucinogens and work for political change. The different threads in the lives of the characters finally intersect in the building of a community park on university land in Berkeley. As the youth movement pits itself against the establishment, the idealism of People’s Park ultimately explodes in tear gas and gunfire.

A Nation of Mystics: Book 3 May 17, 2016
A Nation of Mystics

Book Three: Journeys

By Pamela Johnson

In Journeys, the decade draws to a close, and as time passes, members of the Tribe are forced into making difficult choices. Christian Brooks finds he must return to India to face his demons. Kathleen Murray searches for a way to continue to hold to her ideals, even though hard men take her innocence. Myles Corbet, now a full agent working in Europe and Asia for Interpol, must finally come to terms with his actions, including the betrayal of his best friend, Jerry Putman. Narcotics Supervisor Dolph Bremer faces the case of his life; he will win all or lose all in his contest with attorney Lance Bormann.

Heart of a Pirate Heart of a Pirate
A Novel of Anne Bonny

By Pamela Johnson

Jamaica, October, 1720. The pirate ship of Calico Jack Rackham is captured off the western coast of Jamaica. While most of the crew is too drunk to defend against the onslaught of the King's navy, two of the crewmembers stand to fight against overwhelming odds. When finally forced to surrender, the commander of the governor's ship is amazed to discover that the two who defend are women disguised as men--Anne Bonny and Mary Read.

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